Who We Are

The mission of Solid Stance is to provide management for charitable activities conducted by Unity Martial Arts, to provide scholarships to students in need, to organize and implement community outreach projects, and to aid in the functions and financial responsibilities of Unity Martial Arts when necessary.
SOLID STANCE was formed by a group of Cuong Nhu students and parents within the Unity Martial Arts community, with the goal of providing training and stability to at-risk members of our community. We open avenues for financial assistance, provide access to the many benefits of martial arts training, and foster opportunities for connection.  

We believe that a martial arts practice is valuable to our community and to individuals. Our hope is to grow in ways that will strengthen our community, both locally and at large.

Our Projects

What We Do

Solid Stance Scholarships

Photo of children practicing martial arts

Solid Stance offers scholarships for students who have demonstrated the desire and dedication to pursue martial arts training but are unable to do so due to financial hardship. The scholarships are also available to current students who are in need of emergency financial aid. Students must be able demonstrate a financial need and attend classes at least twice a week. For more information about our scholarshipscontact us using our form below.

After School Program

two boys being silly

The goal of the Solid Stance After School Program is to offer on-campus martial arts classes to public school students in the Central Arkansas area. Solid Stance currently only offers classes to one school - M.L.King Elementary in Little Rock - but is looking to expand to other schools in the area in the near future. For more information about our After School Program please reach out to us with the form below.

Unity & Community COVID Outreach

Man wearing hat that reads "Love Your Neighbor"

In these uncertain times, Solid Stance recognized the need for community members to come together and support our neighbors who are having a tough time. So, Solid Stance is offering assistance to families in the community who have been financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information about our Community Outreach, contact with the form below. Please reach out and let us know if we can be of assistance to you. And to our entire community, we encourage you to send us a message to see how you can get involved.

Meet our Team

our board of directors

Gretchen Morgan

Gretchen Morgan

Favorite Superpower: Accelerated Healing

Gretchen owned and operated Imagine! Games for 13 years before volunteering her time as the Director of Programming for the 2018-2019 Women in Film Arkansas to promote women in film and recruit new members and donors.  Gretchen has been a student and active member of the Cuong Nhu martial arts community since 2015. Increasingly interested in teaching trauma survivors, Gretchen has plans to one day create and implement her own martial arts curriculum in conjunction with trauma therapy provided by a mental health professional, taking a holistic approach to promote healing.  In 2020, Gretchen received her Black Belt promotion from the Cuong Nhu Association. She continues her own studies in Cuong Nhu.

Jo Arellanes


Vice - President
Favorite Drink: Matcha

Jo is a professional artist by day and an eccentric nerd by night (including but limited to be a current Cuong Nhu student.) She has life long experience volunteering with many different groups from the Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, the Heifer Project, and various community theaters, to name a few. She worked with Heroes Alliance for 8 years as a photographer, hero handler, superhero, and webmaster, although she has since stepped down as webmaster to direct time and energy to Solid Stance. Not all heroes wear capes.

Frances McCorkle

Frances McCorkle

Favorite Superhero: Black Panther

Frances has over 48 years of teaching experience, from first grade through high school. Frances holds an undergraduate degree in Education and a masters in Music.  She played the violin for years, and is an active Cuong Nhu student.

Emilie Rowland


Favorite Drink: Whiskey

Emilie can’t unfortunately reveal her true history, as a person currently protected by the Witness Protection Program (attached photo is just a stock photo). She will admit that she looks quite young for somebody in her80’s, is proficient with numbers, loves a good spreadsheet, and enjoys reading, interpretive dance, checklists, the number 4, and perfecting her bird calls.

Tom Crowder


Favorite Season: Fall

Tom is passionate about community outreach and philanthropy. Tom is an Arkansas state registered forester and active member of the Unity Martial Arts Community. In addition to Solid Stance, Tom is serving the community through multiple non-profit organizations. He is currently on the executive committee of the Arkansas Forestry Association, a board member for the Arkansas Forestry Association – Education Foundation, and working with local organizations to provide meals for families in need at the Our House Family Center.

Benjamin McCorkle


Favorite Book: Dune

Benjamin is a founding partner of Beacon Legal Group and has been honored by the Arkansas Bar Foundation for the best legal writing for 2014-15. A proud techno-geek, Mr. McCorkle began a computer programming career in the early 1980’s as founder and President of VS Software, a computer software development firm – a position he held until entering law school in 1998. He is an honors graduate of the William H. Bowen School of Law, after which he clerked for the Honorable Annabelle Imber-Tuck, Associate Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, and served as Assistant Attorney General prior to entering private practice.

Kristin Crowder


Favorite Food: Veggies // Beets

Kristin is serving as the Advertising and Marketing Co-Chair for Solid Stance. She loves building confidence in kids and digging deeper into connections with people. In her spare time, you’ll find her reading and getting to know the humans of all the dogs she knows in her neighborhood. She lives here in Little Rock with her partner and fellow board member, Tom. Kristin practices Cuong Nhu at a snail’s pace alongside their two kids.

Theresa Bennett


Favorite Superpower: Flying

Terri RN, received her BSN Obstetrical Nursing and has worked for Baptist Health Medical Center in Labor and Delivery for 19 years. Theresa has volunteered her talents for a variety of organizations, from a teen volunteer at the Doctors Hospital, to an art studio guide, and currently volunteers with the Boy Scouts of America and the food pantry at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. She is an active member of Cuong Nhu, along with her husband and children, and enjoys the community martial arts has provided.

Gary Bennett


Favorite Food: Yes. (aka: all of them)

Gary works as a Civil Engineer/Assistant State Conservation Engineer for the USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service in Arkansas.  Gary holds a BSN in Civil Engineering from the University of Arkansas.  When not working, Gary has spent numerous volunteer hours with the Boy Scouts of America and is now an Assistant Scoutmaster.  He has also been an active volunteer at his children’s schools and is an enthusiastic member of the Cuong Nhu community.

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